Miranda Chimwemwe Business Development Manager Diaspora Meds

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I take great pleasure in responding to inquiries and providing assistance to both my clients and anyone seeking information about our services and processes. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – I’m here to help

A bit about what I do

I am dedicated to forming meaningful connections and providing personalized medical insurance solutions.

Using a comprehensive approach, I manage all aspects of my clients’ family’s well-being under one umbrella. Through Diaspora Med’s 100% US Dollar based insurance model, I guide clients to recognize the value in the coverage of their loved ones ensuring peace of mind.

My goal is to help clients plan for unforeseen occurances, ensuring they are prepared for life’s unexpected events. The trust my clients place in me gives them peace of mind, knowing they can rely on my expertise and commitment.

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Testimonials what some of my clients have to say

Miranda Chimwemwe has been instrumental in guiding our family to the perfect medical insurance package through Diaspora Meds. When a health crisis struck, her prompt responses and constant support made all the difference. We felt secure and well-cared for throughout the entire process.

Lydia S Moyo

Based in Australia

Choosing the right medical insurance was made simple with Miranda Chimwemwe’s expert advice at Diaspora Meds. Her dedication was evident through constant availability. When we needed to file a claim, she ensured the process was seamless, leaving us with the peace of mind that our family’s well-being was her top priority.

F Matanga

Based in South Africa

I can’t thank Miranda Chimwemwe enough for her unwavering support at Diaspora Meds. From recommending a comprehensive insurance plan for our family to handling our claims with efficiency, her commitment was outstanding. Knowing that she was always just a message or call away brought immense comfort during challenging times.

Mike Pasirino

Based in Canada

The personalized attention we received from Miranda Chimwemwe at Diaspora Meds was beyond compare. Her proactive communication, quick responses, and availability made navigating the complexities of medical insurance a breeze. Thanks to her guidance, our family feels secure and protected, both financially and health-wise.

Tarisai L Mpofu

Based in United Kingdom