About Funeral Insurance

Diaspora Meds offers two comprehensive funeral service packages designed to provide exceptional care and support during times of bereavement.

The Premium and Supreme packages are thoughtfully tailored to meet various needs, ensuring that families can focus on remembering their loved ones without the burden of managing funeral logistics. The Premium package is priced at $15, and the Supreme package is priced at $20.

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Summary of our Funeral Insurance

We are committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout the entire funeral process.

Both the Premium and Supreme packages are designed to alleviate the stress of planning and execution, allowing families to focus on celebrating the life and legacy of their loved ones.

Our compassionate team is dedicated to ensuring that each funeral is a fitting tribute, tailored to reflect the unique personality and wishes of the deceased.

Our funeral services, Premium and Supreme, are tailored to provide high-end burial services for your loved ones back home in the event of death.

Our services include:

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    Body Removal and Preparation:

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    Ceremony and Mourning Support

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    Flexibility for Cremations

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    Guaranteed Service and Cash Payout

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    No Waiting Period for Transfers

Premium Plan

$ 15 USD

Supreme Plan

$ 20 USD