Health Access - A cash based option

Diaspora Meds Health Access,is an exclusive medical services solution tailored to provide comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality healthcare access throughout Zimbabwe for your loved ones. Our product ensures cost-effectiveness, expediency, flexibility, and excellence in healthcare delivery across a spectrum of services, including repeat prescriptions, GP consultations, specialist appointments, hospitalization, pathology, scans, and more.

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Why opt for Diaspora Health Access?

Cost-effectiveness: Adhere to regulated pricing standards for medical procedures and services.

Convenience: Seamlessly make payments from anywhere globally, eliminating the need for remittances. Upon fund confirmation, your loved ones gain prompt access to medical services without the hassle of queuing for money.

Flexibility and Extensive Service Network: Choose preferred healthcare providers closest to your loved ones, with access to highly recommended practitioners.

Medical Brokerage Services: Benefit from our expertise in negotiating exorbitant medical bills, devising payment plans, addressing shortfalls, and ensuring end-to-end service provision and quality control for your loved ones accessing medical care in Zimbabwe.

Our Process:

  • Select the desired service for your loved ones.
  • Specify frequency and service requirements.
  • Choose the preferred service provider.
  • Receive a quotation and make payment.
  • Beneficiaries access medical services.
  • Service report promptly sent back to the sponsor.
  • Request recurring services based on convenient or necessary intervals.
  • Experience the assurance of Diaspora Meds Health Access, where quality healthcare for your loved ones is our priority.