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Our medical insurance packages provide US dollar-backed coverage for your family in Zimbabwe. Discover a healthcare insurance experience that is straightforward and offers rewarding benefits.

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We allow Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to cater for the medical needs of their family back home in Zimbabwe, regardless of where you are based.

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Healthcare Insurance Options: Overview of our Medical Coverage Plans

Manuka Plan

$ 13 000 USD Annual Benefit

Child Dependent $ 40.00
Adult $ 59.00
Family Package $ N/A

Accepted at local pharmacies, specialists, general practitioners and some private hospitals. 

Lavender Plan

$ 21 000 USD Annual Benefit

Child Dependent $ 68.00
Adult $ 95.00
Family Package $ 318.00

Accepted at local pharmacies, specialists, general practitioners and some private hospitals. 

Clover Plan

$ 33 000 USD Annual Benefit

Child Dependent $ 75.00
Adult $ 104.00
Family Package $ 345.00

Accepted at local pharmacies, specialists, general practitioners and some private hospitals. 

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Chioneso Mbanje

Account Executive

I'm passionate about ensuring access to private health care for our clients across the board. I enjoy easing the logistical nightmares of clients particularly those In remote areas through ensuring they have seamless access to medication and they constantly see their medical service providers.

Tinotenda Mateka

Account Executive

Many Zimbabweans living across the globe , belong to affinity groups, these may be social, churches or professional. The sense of belonging back home brings them together. I enjoy working with groups of Zimbabweans in different countries to structure tailor made medical aid solutions. These groups enjoy large discounts and favorable terms

Andile Khupe

Account Executive

I have come to learn of how numerous Zimbabweans across the globe are despondent once their loved ones are diagnosed with chronic conditions, living far away from home doesn't make this any better. I love reassuring our clients that we are here to provide care beyond care for their loved ones back home

Judith Nyembe

Account Executive

Daily I meet and speak to lots of clients with varying chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure , cancer , cholesterol etc . It gives me great satisfaction to tailor make solutions and restore hope to these clients as we navigate tremendous plans to recovery and walking this journey with them.

Rumbidzai Zunzanyika

Account Executive

In many instances medical aid is viewed as an emergency scheme for the rain days when health scares occur. I am heavily invested in creating awareness to Zimbabweans across the globe that medical aid is not a luxury but a necessity. I have structured numerous family packages for Zimbabweans and their family enjoy impeccable peace of mind.

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